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Electronic locks MILRE WHOLESALE


Modern electronic locks from Korea have high reliability, easy to use and ensures high protection against hacking.

Эти замки подходят под разные типы дверей, разной толщины. Предпочтительно чтобы их ставили на железные двери. В каталоге фирмы Milre есть несколько типов цифровых замков: врезные, overhead and small rim locks small lockers.

Electronic locks, first, reliable and easy to operate. They are easy to install and more than ten years are the main castles, enjoyed by people in South Korea.


KOREXPERT offers bulk purchases of electronic locks in the middle price category Milre and give manufacturer's prices on the following conditions:

  • Minimum order от 50 units.
  • The possibility of obtaining exclusive rights to distribute the product in a region.
  • Support for the maintenance and repair of digital Korean locks .
  • Training
  • Warranty period on the electronic digital lock - 5 years from the manufacturer.
  • Prices from 40$ depending on the amount and type of lock.

Buy wholesale electronic digital locks and get exclusive distribution rights in their region. Directly from the manufacturer with no extra charge.


Компания Миллэ (Milre) лидер по производству замков в Корее с более чем 20-летним опытом. Locks Millay sold in more than 20 countries. According to statistics, every second electronic lock in the Korean house made by this company. Сейчас компания только выходит на рынок СНГ и готова предлагать свой товар на выгодных партнерских условиях. Так как ниша на данный момент свободна, это хорошая возможность для инвестиции.

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