корейкская косметика опт напрямую sesamis корэксперт

Cosmetics wholesale Sesamis

Korekspert company offers deliveries of Korean cosmetics wholesale brand SESAMIS (Sezamis) directly from the producer in South Korea.

Korean brand SESAMIS - popular in Korea among the middle segment buyers. Sesamis brand becomes more and more popular among European buyers. It is now actively marketing to Europe.

we – direct supplier. We have signed long-term contract with the company SESAMIS brand manufacturer in Korea. We guarantee, that we have the best prices, as the product comes directly from the manufacturer.

  • Always fresh goods more 3 months from date of manufacture
  • European and international quality certificates
  • the possibility of obtaining exclusive
  • Possibility to buy probes for marketing
  • Fast delivery.
  • Favorable conditions for cooperation and assistance in advertising

Minimum order of 1000 USD. Only medium and large wholesale.

How to order wholesale Korean cosmetics Sesamis

Working as legal persons and private clients.

Delivery in the CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, China, Turkey, European countries, the whole world)

For a directory of wholesale prices and free consultation, please contact or contact by phone

Korea: +82-70-4732-0272