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Production in Korea under its own brand (OEM|ODM). FEATURES AND BENEFITS SERVICE. Cooperation Scheme

Production in Korea under its own brand (OEM|ODM).

Production in Korea under its own brand or to the production of Private Label (OEM|ODM)- the choice of those, who wants to create a high quality product of exclusive and sell it not only in their own country, but all over the world. A growing number of firms chooses this method of manufacturing products - on the Korean production facilities, we are ready to become a link between your company and the manufacturer. Our customers are waiting for a nice price and favorable conditions for cooperation - punctuality, conformity to the quality standards, fulfillment of all customer requirements. South Korea as a production platform choice for companies of all levels, putting the quality of their products in the first place, which may not always offer China. We will take order placement, search products, organizational issues and provide delivery of produced goods.

Details of the service

to order contract manufacturing factories in Korea, You need to start to contact us using the contact form or by e-mail [email protected] . Next, you will contact manager, that will guide your project, and clarify all the information on the product, you want to produce in Korea.

Making the order under its own logo, you get to:

  • to make changes in product design ;
  • adjust the technical parameters;
  • make new proposals on packaging design.

We work in stages, which makes it possible to guarantee our clients a high result as soon as possible.

1. Search products. At this stage, the selection of plants, specializing in the production of the desired product to the customer in Korea. Then the manager selects the factories, which offer the best price-performance ratio.

2. Conversation. We will contact the factory management, We agree on the details of the transaction - the date of the order, a price, guarantees, requirements for the quality of the goods and packaging. Only then sign the contract, meets the interests of both sides.

3. monitoring production. So that the client was satisfied with the cooperation, We make a careful control of every stage of the order. Upon request, we can show the photo workflow or specify, how many items already prepared at the time of testing.

4. shipment control. After the completion of the production process, validating our company was sent to the factory. Here he checks the compliance of the quality of goods and, then the product should be on the loading.

5. Delivery. Depending on the body-weight characteristics, the cost of the product and the required delivery time, we offer our customers the optimal methods of delivery to the customer's warehouse.


  • Work experience with 2014 year - you will work experienced staff, who know, how to negotiate with the Koreans and love their work.
  • Work "turnkey" - provide all services for the launch of its brand.
  • 8 carried out projects to build its brand. 6 are developing steadily. - Your personal manager will make recommendations based on the experience of both successful and unsuccessful projects.
  • Russian-speaking managers - all client communication with the manager runs in the native language. Communication with Korean companies is conducted in Korean, eliminating the misunderstanding and any language barrier.
  • A broad base of partners factories - For customers this means, that he will be able to get exactly the product, he wants.


  • Korean cosmetics under its own brand OEM|ODM
    • Decorative
    • 's Skin
    • Kosmecevtika
  • Cosmetology under its own brand OEM|ODM
    • Equipment -Hardware medicine
    • Fillér
    • Мезонити PDO, PLA
    • anesthetics
  • Electronics under its logo (Private Label)
  • Household goods OEM|ODM
  • Household chemical OEM|ODM


We adhere to a loyal pricing policy. Services The price includes all the organizational issues, namely:

  • Search manufacturer in Korea to place your order;
  • leaving the full progress report, Set where order execution plan and minor organizational issues (We consider every penny);
  • order and shipment to your warehouse product samples;
  • Negotiations with the contractor, As for prices, timing, quality and other nuances;
  • drawing up a contract of sale of international standard;
  • control of the timing and quality of work;
  • control of loading operations;
  • preparation of export documentation;
  • Shipping from Korea Order your warehouse.

Order production in Korea under its own brand through the Internet or by telephone at a convenient time. We have questions? Leave an application or write a letter to the post office [email protected], We decide everything, prompt and explain. With us not only beneficial, but also comfortable to work!

KOREXPERT - your reliable partner!